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About French Daisy ✿

Our mission at French Daisy is to spread the power of self-love and mindfulness…

Everyone has a story and it’s our stories that make us who we are. We are defined by our personal and collective experiences in life and we each have a choice; to focus on the negative or to see the opportunities. It’s by sharing and using these experiences that we can support and lift each other up.

Our hand printed ‘Motivational Slogan’ tees are created to inspire and motivate, because we believe in standing up for and using our voice for the things that we know about and feel passionate about. French Daisy believe 'we can only live fully by helping others to live'.

"Life is just waiting for you to challenge the status quo so it can extend a ‘hand’ in helping you create whatever it is that lights you up and then lights the way for others” ~ Tina Turner