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I’m Louise Gunn, A Printed Textiles for fashion graduate specialising in screen print and digital print design. With all this print knowledge under my belt I was called upon by French Daisy to do their first collaboration with a graduate and help start up the company. 

The opportunity to collaborate with French Daisy has been an insightful way to continue using my skills and doing what I love. We’ve worked hard to collate slogans that we really believe in and want to promote self love as much as possible.
My slogan 'Update nothing, Impress no one' was filtered down from my final year collection called 'GLITCH'. It was based on the negative impact social media has had on society, the way people portray themselves online and the importance of being ‘liked’. Everyone loves social media but sometimes we all need to take a step back and think about the importance of yourself before impressing others.

Instagram: @lifeaslou_